The Moment

Hope wrapped in mystery

Swaddled bundle

Creator of the cosmos

Humanity and deity, for the first time one

All and both.


Anticipated for thousands of years,

By a people whose very identity

Was defined by ritualistic waiting.


Then the divine silence came

Hundreds of years of darkness

Creation groaning with expectancy





Yet the promise of the Messiah was not forgotten

Though not seen, felt, or heard;

Condescension beyond comprehension was coming.


Hush, shattered by angelic pronouncements

To common shepherds keeping watch in the field

The long-awaited One arrived in humility

Wonder revealed in this tiny babe.


Yearning for ages before, fulfilled,

Reflected on for centuries to come

As the advent of new

The moment that changed eternity

And the soul felt its worth.


~Poem & Photo by Amy Nichole Felt