Praise God for Resurrection Sunday!

During this season of Lent, I have been reading through Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s God is on the Cross.  It’s been a remarkable journey and today I am sharing his Easter message with you.  Praise God Almighty – He is Risen Indeed!


The Easter Message ~ by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Easter is not a battle between darkness and light that ultimately must end in the victory of light, because darkness is actually a nothing, because death is indeed already life.  Easter is not a battle of winter and spring, of ice and sun.  Rather, it is the battle of guilty humanity against divine love – or better: of divine love against guilty humanity, a battle in which God seems to be defeated on Good Friday, but in which God, in his very losing, wins on Easter…Good Friday is not the darkness that necessarily has to yield to light…it is the day on which the God who became human, the love that became a person, is killed by the people who want to become gods.

…Easter is not an immanent – that is, an inner-worldly – event, but a transcendent event that is something above and beyond the world, an intervention of God from eternity, by virtue of which God declares his commitment to his Holy One and awakens him from death.  Easter is not about immortality but about resurrection from a death that is a real death with all its frightfulness and horrors, resurrection from a death of the body and the soul, of the whole person, resurrection by the power of God’s mighty act.

This is the Easter message.





Death cannot keep back love; love is stronger than death.

The meaning of Good Friday and Easter Sunday

is that God’s path to human beings leads back to God.